About Gildor

Innovative or time-tested? Why choose one? We know how to get the best of both these worlds

Our team managed to gather some of the most enthusiastic, dedicated, experienced and resourceful digital marketing specialists. Over the years our marketers, designers, analysts and consultants have collected very diverse expertise and enhanced their skills and knowledge. So now we can provide you a comprehensive efficient marketing strategy that will bring you just what you want.

Lucrative Partnership

We value our clients and always put them first

Great Results

We know how to surpass your expectations

90 +

Successful cases

20 +

Loyal clients

40 +

Conversion growth percentage

95 +

Positive feedback percentage

Our Missions

These 4 ideas empower us to excel at Providing Effective, Adaptive, targeted solutions

Connections We aspire to provide unmatched customer experience and collaboration, through onsite meetings, stringent reporting, and continuous strategy development.

 Talents Every member of our team possesses essential training for their role and keeps getting better, guaranteeing that your business will be boosted by devoted specialists.

Agility Due to the obvious nature of digital marketing, continuous researching, testing, experimenting, and training are required to obtain a competitive advantage.

Transparency All customers are provided with a clear set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the quality of their campaigns. You'll always have trackable and systematised results.


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